Aug 17, 2018

Night in with Sarah-Jane

When I think about popcorn, the first thing that springs to mind is the cinema. The nostalgic memory of going to the cinema with friends or loved ones to enjoy a couple of hours of escapism and a big box of popcorn fills my thoughts. The very smell of popcorn can bring back those wonderful memories for me.

To this day, I love a good film (and a good box of popcorn for that matter!) but often struggle to find the time to venture out to the cinema. Since having children, I have found that it's just not one of those things that you organise and get a babysitter for. If we have a babysitter for the night, Matt and I are more likely to go out for a meal in a restaurant than to the cinema.

With our youngest still too young to sit through a full film at the cinema, we attempt to bring the cinema to us! As a family, we enjoy nothing more than “movie night”, an evening where all five of us get cosy in the living room, put on a family film and open up a big bag of popcorn (of course, has got to be sweet and salty!). Our children absolutely love popcorn and even have their very own popcorn bucket. The addition of popcorn somehow makes the night a bit more of an event. My boys get very excited when I say "go get the popcorn bucket"!

These nights are an opportunity for us to have some family downtime and for everyone to enjoy. Having it in our own home makes the event that much easier compared to if we went out and is so much more comfortable and relaxed. It doesn't matter if someone, aka one of my children, needs the toilet, we can simply pause the film and then pick it back up where we left off!

For me, this is a chance to unwind and to be in an environment that I feel most comfortable in. I am surrounded by the people that I love and are most precious to me, and able to relax in front of a good family film and crack open a tasty bag of Tyrrells Poshcorn!

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