Oct 15, 2018

Poshcorn trail mix by Beth Heddle

Are you one of those employees, students, mums or just any variety of fantastic human that’s always got a snack in their hand, 2 under the desk and 11 in their bag in case of an ‘emergency’? Answer yes to that? Same. You’re going to love this. You have come to the PERFECT place to find the next snack that’ll have your colleagues drooling (in which case just double the recipe just to make sure you have enough if they come asking for some!).

I’m one of those that loves a hearty mid-afternoon snack but often finds snack bars quite dry, heavy and pricey. This fruity nut Poshcorn trail mix will keep those hunger pangs at bay, last a few days (can’t promise this one!) and is naturally gluten free and vegan too!

35g Tyrrells Sea Salted Poshcorn
80g Dried Blueberries (if you cannot find these, use raisins)
30g Sunflower Seeds
100g Almonds
50g Dark Chocolate (vegan If required)
50g Dried Apple Pieces (optional)
50g Dried Dates

1. Chop the dates into small 3cmx3cm cubes. If these are sticky, lightly roll in rice flour to stop them clumping together.

2. Split the almonds into 2 bowls of 50g. Melt the dark chocolate slowly in the microwave, being careful not to burn it. Line a baking tray with parchment paper and roll 50g of almonds into the melted chocolate until nicely covered. Place the dark chocolate almonds on the tray and allow to cool. If in a hurry, place in fridge (be aware this will change the appearance of the chocolate).

3. Mix together all of the remaining ingredients other than the Poshcorn and chocolate almonds.

4. Layer in a clear container the seed and nut mix, Poshcorn and chocolate almonds.

5. Try not to eat it too fast!!!

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