Tyrrells Potato Chips

Beetroot, Parsnip & Carrot Crisps with a pinch of Sea Salt

wonderful with a porkpie hat at a rakish angle

A colourful union of earthy beetroots, sweet carrots and that unsung hero of the Sunday roast: the parsnip – all made to sing with a pinch of sea salt.

Nutritional information

Typical Values Per 100g
Energy 2102kJ/506kcal
Protein 4.7g
Carbohydrates 38.6g
of which sugars 22.5g
Total Fat 35.7g
of which saturated 4.1g
Fibre 13.6g
Sodium 0.6g


Mixed root vegetables in variable proportions (beetroot, parsnip and carrot) 65%, sunflower oil, sea salt.

Other Bits

Hand cooked in England. Packed in a protective atmosphere to keep things super-crunchy. Store in a cool, dry place (a pantry would be perfect!). 40g and 150g bag available.

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Beetroot, Parsnip & Carrot Crisps with a pinch of Sea Salt

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  1. Tina


    I think you must have improved these recently as they are much crispier than they used to be. They used to be a bit more greasy (I still loved them) but now they are much less greasy and the colours look brighter in the bag. So…WELL DONE for improving something that was near perfect anyway! Thanks for making my day at work that little bit better :o )

  2. Maarit


    I love Tyrrell’s vegetable chips! I’m allergic to potato so usually I can have only corn chips, but I’m getting bored to their taste. I visited London just recently and discovered these wonderful chips! After returning home I send message to a local eco-shop asking if they could possibly order them also to our country. I would love to have them again!

    Thank you!


  3. paola


    un’esplosione di gusto….

  4. Amy


    these crisps are great combination of sweet and crunchy. best of all you just cant get enough!!

  5. victoria


    i think that these are a fantastic idea it just gives that something extra. also it seems posher to use these as a snack before a dinner party. and my kids love them!

  6. Warren


    Noone told me that crisps had evolved? I had to find out for myself when I tried the Beetroot, Parsnip & Carrot bag. You can soon tell that they’re not just ‘flavoured’ crisps, they’re the real deal! if the crisps taste like beetroot, parsnip or carrot, it’s because they actually are beetroot, parsnip and carrot! Real deal crisps! I like.

  7. Nicola Smith


    I found the crisps to be surprisingly nice. I enjoyed the randomness of the selection and liked experimenting with the flavours ( a carrot and a beetroot for example). I shared them with my family and found they pleased everyone. My partner doesn’t like parsnips so he didn’t pick them and my daughter preferred the beetroot.
    The carrot ones are really sweet and go well with the chunky salt bits at the bottom of the bag.

  8. paula snow


    How can vegetables taste so divine. Even my little boy loves them and they are good for you. I cant just eat one bag as they are so more-ish !!

  9. Lynda Crossland


    My art class teacher always has a packet of these in her lunch box and I have been wanting to try then for some time. Today I found them and they are great, what a nice alternative to the normal packets of crisps on the market. Being health conscious these fitted my eating and my taste buds just right.

  10. Jade Vine


    I kept seeing these crisps on the shelf of my local supermarket and the packaging kept drawing me in but I was too scared to try them because, after all, they weren’t potato crisps and i’m always a bit cautious when it comes to change. After umming and ahhing on several occasions, I finally decided to give them a go and boy am I glad I did. As soon as you open the packet you get a a welcome whiff of the unusual aroma. The parsnip is quite prominent and transported me to my mums dining table on a Sunday. Glancing inside the packet, a wonderful array of different colours instead of the boring brown crisp. The crisps are very well cooked and incredibly crispy and fresh. The flavours are awesome and not at all boring like I imagined. Overall, a delicious and welcome change to the humble potato crisp, and incredibly moreish! I would reccomend these to anyone. Well done Tyrrell’s!

  11. Jeroen


    Together with good weather and some liquor while sitting in the park, Tyrrells Crisps are a pure delight.
    With some friends I enjoyed the sun on a lazy afternoon, but after the crisps bag was opened most of us could only focus on a discussion about the just eaten crisps. First of all the question was raised if the crisps we ate, were crisps, as they were not made out of potato but out of vegetables. And whether they would be healthy or not, as they were made out of vegetables.
    Some who didn’t participate with the discussion, enjoyed the discussion very much though, because mouths that speak can’t eat crisps. And so I enjoyed this delicious crisps while sitting in the park.
    To explain the magic of Tyrrells crisps in short, I would like to put it like this: If people put a film on while eating Tyrrells crisps, they can’t be bothered with the film after having eaten the first crisps.

  12. Kathleen Mouland


    By far the best crisp I have ever tried. I am in the Food and Beverage industry and nothing has pleased me as much as Tyrrell’s crisp. It’s a must serve for all my client lunches!



    What can I say about these little beuties? Tasty, crispy and delicious!
    They make a very nice change from potato crisps and as you are eating vegetables, you feel a little bit better about yourself while eating them!
    I will be buying these regularly (as well as my usual Tyrrells crisps).

  14. AnneH


    I love Tyrrell’s vegetable crisps. They don’t only look good – they have a really nice ever so slightly salty taste – and a real flavour of beetroot, parsnip and carrot – but more crunchy! And as if that wasn’t enough – I even feel like I’m eating something healthy! What’s not to like?!

  15. teresa naughton


    Oh the red beetroot, oh the white parsnip, oh the orange carrot all in a bag and full of goodness and boy so so tasty.

  16. teresa naughton


    Oh the red beetroot, oh the white parsnip, oh the orange carrot all in a bag and full of goodness and boy so so tasty.

  17. Jasper



  18. Darren Fry


    Fantastic alternative to potato crisps and excellent fodder for the younger ones. My only slight criticism would be that the crisps are easily damaged and are therefore slightly more awkward to eat. A small gripe but would not stop me buying and demolishing!!

  19. Nigel


    I have recently purchased the Beetroot, Parsnip and Carrot crisps. I find these crisps perfect for lounging around on a Sunday when you have possibly had a glass of sherbert too many the night before. As I open the packet the aroma hits the crisp receptors in the back of my brain….I’m not a scientist but I can tell you that this then chemical reaction tells my brain soemthing cool is about to happen. I then place my hand into the bag and pull out a handful of parsnip, carrot and beetroot crisps and begin what can only be described as shovelling. I am locked into a crisp eating frenzy until my salty fingers can not find any more yummy Tyrrells to fill my gob. Thanks for not just providing me with crisps but giving me a magical veg medley sensation! :-)

  20. Bethany


    Love these chips, could do with a little less salt though.

  21. Val Griffiths


    Trying to be healthy I picked these from the shelves and have never looked back! Sweet vegetable crisps that have the crunch and texture I desired, a hint of salty moreishness and beautiful colours to please the eye.
    They are my Saturday treat (that can easily become my Sunday, Monday, Tuesday etc etc) and I LOVE them!

  22. mandy


    we found this flavcour in our local COSTA coffee shop ,we bought 2 packs for our little family to share but once opened they had soon gone we all loved them .my nine year old grandson asked if he could have 2 packs as his treat instaed of his pocket money so they must be good

  23. Henry Clark


    I love the Beetroot Parsnips and Carrot because they almost kind of cheer you up. The flavour’s are almost untasteable but then you get that kick and it sends you into a new world. My favourite was the parsnip. It is a brave idea but is also unique because Walkers have not come out with that idea. My final word to describe it : YUMMY!

  24. Clare Cartmell


    Wowzers! these are seriously good crisps, love the 3 flavours in one bag. The beetroot ones really surprised me as I really dont like normal beetroot but these beetroot crisps are a taste explosion, I love them! the parsnip and carrot crisps are also very tasty and it feels more healthy than eating normal crisps – its so good to see some vegetable crisps and diffrent flavours out there – thank you Tyrrell’s

  25. Jamie Watkins


    Tyrrells beetroot, parsnip and carrot crisps are amazing! Crunchy, sweet and tasty. Great as a snack or with a film! Deffinatley the best crips ever!! Yum!

  26. Sherrie Pye


    The first brand I have bonded with, top class and simply moorish, cannot leave them alone, well done cheers !

  27. Tracy


    I love your vegetable crisps, there is no other brand on the market that comes any where near close to the quality that you offer

  28. Leanne


    Om nom nom! I keep a bag of these in my car and munch them at every given opportunity! Reluctant to share with anyone!

  29. Kati Rhodes


    Absaloutley gorgeous, they were fabulous, never had vegatable crisps in my life, and they were to die for, the flavours were just bursting, and you couldnt taste one bit of artificialness. Had to go and buy another three more bags, because they were just fantastic. They were just so tasty. Would deffently recommend to anyone.

  30. ian


    Your vegetable crisps are superb. I unfortunately bought some chain supermarket brand ones recently which were too greasy and with added glucose? why? Just a little salt is all they need, just like tyrrells. YUM.

  31. Glenda


    An Allotment of fresh veg taste in a crisp – am I dreaming??? So tasty and different this allotment of goodness really meant “a lot meant”good to eat. More veg anyone?

  32. Maria Hazell


    I believe these are definitely 100% the best crisps ever, It’s the best way to eat your veg, and taste crazily awesome, whenever I see these in a shop, I just have to get them no matter what.. I like that there’s three different vegetables in the bag so you can have a different taste explosion in your mouth every time.. Just amazing..

  33. Jackie


    The most amazingling taste full-filling sensational collection of root vegetables. Each mouthful is an outburst of the deep and profound flavours of the wonderfully complementary three-way vegetable combination, which demands your total attention, capturing the rustic & earthy nature of the British countryside, timelessly safe-guarding the future of such naturally wholesome quality ingredients!. keep up the good work!

  34. Taisha


    Never have I tasted such a clever, interesting and purely wonderful combination of flavour, texture, colours and smells all in one packet of crisps. The idea of using Beetroots, Parsnips and Carrots is purely genius and really captures truly British flavour of our much loved and cherish countryside. The crisp Parsnips in contrast to the softer Beetroot makes them a joy to eat. A marvellous flavour of crisps, challenging yet enjoyable. I take my hat off to you Tyrrells.

  35. Wendy


    The best Vegs Crisps ever. Sweet, yet salt at the same time. The perfect combination and suprisingly light on the stomach. Please develope more Vegs and (maybe,if possible) Fruit crisps, please!!!!

  36. Robin


    Christmas wouldn’t be the same without Tyrrells parsnip crisps (yes i know there are other ingredients!) …… and not a sprout in sight.

  37. Hayley Alesbrook-Sewell


    Blissful Beetroot, Perfect Parsnip and Cosmic Carrot. Parfait :) :)

  38. Alexandra Jenkins


    Ohhhh, utterly devine. I could eat these all day. Fantastic

  39. carly logan


    as someone who loves root vegetables above all others on my roast dinner, i was overjoyed to see a packet of root veg crisps on my local supermarket shelf. i’d finished my first bag before i’d even got home, they were so delicious i immediatly wanted more! the perfect blend of yummy parsnips, crunchy carrots and a lovely little taste of beetroot. i now have a secret stash hidden away even from the family, i will reccommend these to everyone but i share with no one, they are simply too yummy!

  40. Trevor


    What an amazing crisp.
    I have never eaten such wonderful crisps before.
    The flavours and colours just pull you in.
    A friends recommendation brought me to these crisps.
    No need and won’t be going back to other brands .
    Found my crisp Heaven.

  41. hayley green


    I am a huge veg fan and to find my three faves in one bag was like winning the crisp lottery! Also a great way of encouraging the kids to eat more healthily. FABULOUS TASTE & VALUE :)

  42. Sarah-Jane


    I am officially addicted to these crisps! From the moment I opened the bag a gorgeous smell wafts out tempting me to try the delicious trio of Beetroot, Parsnip and Carrot with the slight hint of Sea Salt. They are extremely flavoursome, have the perfect crunchy crisp taste and work wonderfully in combination with each other. I find myself having one of each flavour then cramming all three into my mouth at once. They are so yummy and a healthy alternative to the bog standard crisp!

  43. Mike Cosser


    Forty grams is never enough.

    I love these crisps, I love their appearance, the colours and the variety of shapes.

    I love that they are made from three of my favoutite vegetables, and cooked to perfection.

    I love the crispiness and most of all the taste.

    Thank you for them, and the treat which they are.

    But forty grams is never enough.

    more, more, more, I say.

  44. William D. Hill


    First tried them in Botley and they were very English. Tried them again when I got back to the USA and amazingly enough they were still English.
    English means eccentric and delicious, an unusual combination. Much better than bangers and mash or pickled eels.
    Keep up the good work.
    Bill Hill

  45. Alice Mill


    As you open the packet the sight of so many vegetables encourages calls of “so good” (even before any tasting has occoured). The pack is full of colour and quirky shapes. My favourites are either the swirls of parsnips or the rings within the.beetroot slices.
    This snack is perfectly crispy. Each handful combines natural sweetness, naturally delicious flavours and just enough sea salt to keep things perky.
    Forget about your troubles just for a while, sit back and feast on the fine sensation of beetroot, carrot & parsnip crisps. (Also goes perfectly with a tub of humous – how healthy is that!)

  46. Fliss


    Why can’t all veg taste so scrumptious? nom nom nom all gone! :)

  47. Felicity Simpkin


    CAUTION…you will be rendered helpless when opening a bag and all will be eaten. In a minute. At least that’s what happens with me! Yum

  48. Kevin


    I have had other types of vegetable chips and I gotta say they don’t even stand a chance with the comparison to how I liked this variety.

    Great chips, perfectly salted and extremely tasty as well as the best vegetable chip that I have come across yet. Thank you!

  49. gail buckthorpe


    a fantastic alternative to crisps, you get a unique taste with every handful, sweetness from the carrot…nuttyness from the parsnip and an absolute taste senation with the beetroot which leaves lots of other crisp snacks boring in comparison. never ever think you’ll only have a few…it will end up being the whole bag! they are so moreish. they also look amazing at buffets…and posh too! the bag size indicates they are meant to be shared….no they arent…grab them for yourself!

  50. Bernadette Momcilovic


    These are definitely going to be included in my five-a-day……

  51. Anita


    Wow what a great way to put veggies on your plate. I love these. Who said veg is boring?? Tyrrells have brought the humble carrot, parsnip and beetroot to life. One bag is never enough! One up to the eccentric English I believe.

  52. Hayley Mackay


    I’d never tried vegetable crisps, but found myself intrigued by the concept. I’m so glad I did! These are now my favourite crisps.

  53. sian


    I LOVE the mix of flavours in this!!! the beet crisps are my fav nice and crunchy save them for last.

  54. Adam McNulty


    Cor blimey!


    Beetroot wins by a carrot hair!

  55. Alexandria Nunn


    I absolutly love these crisps with a nice crunch and salty flavour love the different variety of vegetables think sweet potato would be lovely in there as well though, can’t beat a nice glass of rose and veg crisps dipped in houmous.

  56. Carolyn


    A long-haul flight home loomed in the not-too-distant future. A week that had been spent indulging in the tastiest bites Paris had to offer was coming to an end. The horrors of airline food were all too fresh in my memory and I worried about the shock to my system. A quick stop at the Carre-Four led to an impulse purchase of Tyrell’s Veg Crisps. Life is filled with regrets but this purchase isn’t one of them. I’d never have imagined my husband and I would be competing for the last parsnip crisp in our cramped seats. The real reason I’m so keen to get back to Europe? Tyrell’s.

  57. yomi


    deeeelishus !!! first time i tried these and had them with baked potato and mayonnaise,really a nice afternoon snack,looking forward to trying the others

  58. carol pearson


    Beetroot, Parsnip & Carrot Crisps are part of my 5 a day fruit and veg! Can’t resist them and a packet daily does me so much good.

  59. Andie Lary


    Woah is the cry of the hungry teacher! Thank goodness for these beauties when the lunch bell rings. I often eat with a few of the children and they nod approvingly at the vegetables on the packet. I like the mix of textures and flavours in the pack. The balance of salt is just right too. Not like some of the cast offs at the bottom of the staffroom snack draw. Some parents have commented that they have helped get kids into vegetables as well. Making my healthy eating lessons a lot easier! Yummy and educational :)

  60. Brittany Caprista


    Beetroots, parsnips, & some carrot,
    So good, I didnt even want to share it!
    Salty, crunchy, and nutritious,
    These chips are quite delicious!

    Best veggie chips, HANDS DOWN!

  61. Victoria Ashley


    I have been eating crisps for over 50 years. I like any kind of crisp but I love Tyrrells vegetable crisps the best. They are delicious and I take them for pack lunches, picnics and any outings. I always keep a packet in my car jus in case I fancy a quick snack.

  62. Z Newbery


    My kids love them and theyre a lovely alternative to crisps.

  63. Jennifer Judd


    A wonderful alternative to average potato crisps. Lovely flavours, and a bit healthier too. Great to see good old beetroot back up there with carrots and parsnip too.

  64. jackie patrick


    They’re crisps with a difference for a start,
    I love the taste with all my heart.
    A savory snack to be eaten anytime of day,
    But not out of place in a party buffet.

  65. Philippa Higgins


    As a crisp lover browsing the aisles, I decided to put aside my usual ‘Sunday Best Roast Chicken’ crisps and replace them with vegetable crisps in attempt to make my lunch a bit more varied. Much to my delight , I discovered that vegetable crisps are just as good, if not better than normal potato crisps. These are definitely going to be a regular from now on.

  66. Margery Savin


    I could eat these til the cows come home. Crisp, not hard, lovely flavour, not too salty. Would love a bigger bag but then I might have to share them – I don’t think so !

  67. James Brown


    Tongue tanstic mixed earthy flavours of golden parsnip, royal carrot and bold beetroot.
    Nothing beets this toprooted mixed bag of deliciousness that too quickly go pastlips.

  68. Elana Seaton


    Having been stuck for what crisps to buy during my lunch, I judged the book by its cover and bought a packet of these. I wanted to feel as english as the cover! The crisps were delicious but unfortunately I was forced to eat the entire packet which meant that I then bought them again the next day. I’m not sure whether to love you or hate you for making lovely crisps.



    I tell my partner they count as being healthy although I don’t think it excuses eating the whole bag in one sitting!

  70. Joy Dehany


    addictive – I put these out when we’ve got the little ones here and they love them.
    much prefer these to potato crisps and I’ve been known to eat an entire pack in one go…oops.

  71. Nigel


    These are fantastic. I can’t put them down as they really tickle one’s taste buds. I can’t really think of a better savoury snack with this taste combination.

  72. Suki Bhachu


    I tried these crisps as alternative to potatoe crisps and simply loved them! They are light, surprisingly wholesome and gave a tingle and a crunch in one mouthful, simply devine.

    I have introduced my children to them too and your vegetable crisps have provided colour, different texture and most important of all got kids to eat and enjoy veg – a winner all round :)

  73. halina myers


    BEST veggie chip I have ever had. Use them on my salads in my soups or eat by the bag full. Absolutely delicious! Never change the recipe just make them easier to get in the US. Thank you.

  74. Clare Kingston


    I love these crisps – full stop!