Meet the
Tyrrells team

These are the people who inhabit and breathe life into every bit of Tyrrells communication, from the packs to the TV adverts. If they don’t feature on the pack, they still come from the same world: absurdest vintage photography circa 1940s.

We’ve got personality
by the tractor load

Tyrrells folks


Mature Cheddar & Chive

Meet Edith our mature cheese connoisseur. Not unlike her champion cheeses, Edith is a ripe character with a thick rind. 70 years young, her attitude to life is straight forward “Change the things that can be changed, accept those that cannot, and have the wisdom to know when it’s time for a large gin”

Edith was born just after the 2nd World War into a proud Lancashire dairy farming family near Preston. Wife to John, sister to June and Mary and mother to four feisty children, Edith is the matriarch with the wisdom, wit and grit to put her family and farm on the map. Edith’s pleasure is cheese-making. With a herd of 200 pedigree cows, the dairy is where the magic takes place. Four years running, Edith’s champion truckles have scooped gold at the Preston Cheese Awards. At home on our mature cheddar and chive pack she is proudly presenting her champion cheddar truckle, with June and Mary by her side.


Sea salt & Cider Vinegar

Meet Cecil, our octogenarian cider taster. Having spent his years breeding pedigree pigs in Suffolk, Cecil is a man of the land with a thirst for the finer things in life, a glass of crisp English cider to be specific.

With his family of swines now reduced to three, Cecil and his snufflers spend their retirement tending the Apple Orchard, home to his beautiful Dabinett and Kingston Black cider trees. Mid July, Cecil dons his finest tweed, applies a dab of spit and polish to his spectacles and joins the good and the great of Suffolk to judge the home-made cider category. A familiar and much-loved figure in the Women’s Institute marquee, Cecil tipples his way through over twenty entries each year. What an accolade for the winner, the cider seal of approval from Cecil, our beloved Tipsy Taster from Suffolk.


We leave the
jackets on…
it’s only polite!



Sea salt & Black Pepper

Dearest Richard, or Dickie as he’s known by the locals, with his solid sea legs and rip roaring laugh.

Hailing from Devonshire, Dickie has devoted his life to fishing the beautiful shores of his beloved county, serving his community with the freshest of catches all delivered with a hearty shanty from the boat. Last seen whetting his whistle at the Sailors Rest on the quay, Dickie’s tales of high seas adventure and fishing plenitude make him the hero of the harbour.

Ooo that’s a mighty big one
you’ve got your hands on


Sweet Chilli & red pepper

Our cheeky chappy Freddy, faithful fireman and devotee to his East London fire fleet for the last 15 years.

Comradeship and camaraderie are what he lives for. A handsome and confident chap, he has a twinkle in his eye and a quick witted banter that will charm the bees from the trees. Never one to be in any serious Barney Rouble, but always the first to share a Pig’s Ear or two with his trusty fire-fighting gang.


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