Tyrrells Court Farm

Our famously hand-cooked English crisps are planted and picked locally, then sliced, cooked, packed (and scoffed) here at Tyrrells Court Farm in Herefordshire. The soil is rich and red, and our farmers know their furrows better than most fellows know their friends. We like to do things a little differently to most, here’s how…

brace yourself, we’re on the final furlong!

Local Potatoes

As proud Herefordians we use potatoes from local farmers, our favourites being Lady Rosetta and Lady Claire. They’re the names of the potatoes, not the farmers. Just to be clear.

Skin On

Peeled potatoes are fine for mash, but for making crisps? A thousand times “No”. Well, that’s where the flavour and goodness is!

Thick Cut

The thicker the cut, the posher the crisp. We’ve developed our thicker cut crisps to give the perfect colossal crunch for optimum satisfaction. It’s a subtle science.


In our book there’s only one way to cook crisps, and that’s by hand. Each batch is given special treatment to create super–curly, characterful crisps.

Small Batches

Like all the finest whiskies, our crisps are made the old fashioned way: in small batches. It’s the best way to make sure every bag tastes as splendid as the last.

Nothing Artificial

MSG, disodium 5 – we wouldn’t dream of using any of these in our crisps. Mainly because they sound like you’ve sat on your phone and sent a weird text message. We only use natural, delicious sounding seasonings, thank you very much.

Farm Spun

The moment they leave the fryer, our crisps go into our Big Spinny Thing™. Not dissimilar from your mother’s tumble drier, our clever contraption drives off any excess oil. It makes our crisps so crunchy your colleagues will know what you’re munching from a mile off.

how's that for different?